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Article about how Nathe Family started Riverside Farms in 1980.


The Nathe family has operated Riverside Farms in Elk River since 1980. They farm 450 acres of sweet corn, cabbage, green peppers, summer and winter squash, and pumpkins. They take pride in the extremely high quality of their products, labeling every box, “Quality that Counts.” Concern for future generations has prompted them to use environmentally friendly farming methods, including proper land stewardship. Their produce is sold/used at many locations such as Cub, Lunds and Bylerys, and Subway. 

In addition there are seven greenhouses for wholesale and retail flower sales. 


Our team is dedicated to providing the best possible service and produce to our customers. Each member of our team is passionate about sustainable farming practices, and we all share a commitment to providing the freshest and highest quality produce and plants. 

david and daughter.jpg

David Nathe with daughter Ashley



Maude Nathe


eric and ryker.jpg

Eric Nathe

with son




Bryan Nathe with

son and daughter

Farm/Produce Manager

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